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We organise, we design, we plan, we take your headache away. 

You are an artist, a festival, a creative, you have an idea. We are here to make that idea happen. In any which way, we are driven to make the best out of the situation within given budgets and within given space. We think out of the box and go out of our way to find beautiful solutions where others will go for simple standards.

We look at space, we use space, we love space but most of all we respect space. With experience bridging the gap between future technologies and historic buildings. Producing shows in challenging locations, whether theatre, fashion or art, is something we love. And thinking laterally to solve the problems these beautiful spaces can bring is a speciality of ours. 

We are here to bring all the elements together, we make sure combinations of ideas, people and projects are met and executed in the best possible way.

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