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The past is the past and we continue to look to the future, to new projects, to new challenges.

However, the things we have done do say a lot about what we are capable of and a picture says more than a thousand words, right?

Here you will find a list of some of the projects, artists, festivals, art installations etc. 

Some of which were on a one time occasion, others are ongoing projects or continuous work relationships.

(presented below in random order)

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen keeps pushing boundries within her fashion and her shows. We are proud to say we have produced 5 shows in the past 3 years with her in Paris - we are always there to bring different elements together and make sure the work of Iris and collaborating artists are presented in the best possible way during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Weeks.

Jungle by Night

Jungle By Night and POPKRAFT cross paths many times, always lots of fun and shows full of energy. For their big shows at North Sea Jazz and Lowlands festival in 2019 JBN got us involved to make sure their stage design was met by the festival, so we did just that and more, helping them realise extra visuals to give the shows a new dimension.


DocLab is the New Media department of IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) and since 2015 we have been involved in different roles within the DocLab organisation, at first only responsible for all live elements, by now we are head of production for everything concerning exhibition, projects, design, live events and conference. DocLab being the playful multi disciplinary playground it is makes it a true joy to explore and stretch new productional boundries.

Peter Gentenaar

Peter Gentenaar is an incredible artist who creates sculptures out of paper which he fabricated himself. Fragile and big as these works are it's always a challenge to hang them. We have transported and hung works of Peter for international liveshows and permanent installations in the past and are looking forward to potential new exhibitions in the future.


With a background in live music production and a long history of working at Paradiso, Amsterdam, it is a pleasure to still be connected to MOJO. Back in the day we did a lot more artist handling, production etc. But nowadays we stick to the occasional stage management gigs for the bigger festivals. Bringing a steady hand and years of experience for those trickier festival situations.

Studio Moniker

Studio Moniker is a design studio playing around with social interactions via physical and web based work. Always a pleasure to work with them and to take ideas to a next level, wether it is the production for a video clip, a total multiperson experience, the full design and build for an art installation, you name it.


Sanne de Wilde & Benedicte Kurzen. We have built multi-disciplinary exhibitions for this  photographer-duo and will continue to do so in the future, in which we tend to transform photographs into actual installations.


Summer Dance Forever is the summum of everything dance. Battles, workshops, clubnights, theatre performances. We have been involved in the organisation of this festival shortly after its first editions approximately 10 years ago. We have helped set the standard high and create unforgettable moments within the cypher or on the stage of prestigious clubs and theaters.


Sonic Acts festival, here to trigger the mind on both visual and audio fields. The festival that never ceases to surprise you in intriguing ways with their wide range of different styles and artists. For the past few years we have been responsible to make sure everything runs smooth at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam during the festival, a challenging job with established artworks and big ideas in one and the same building.

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